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Crest astrology prediction by Pandit Sunil Kumar Bhargava, persuding astrology worldwide from past 32 years.

Pt. Sunil Kumar Bhargava is renowned astro Guru for solving various sorts of problems and spells like black magic or “jado tonna” , “kiya karaya” just one call is enough for all kind of problems such as – Vashikarn, get back lost love, love marriage, court case delay, business loss, job opportunities, VISA problems, Permanent Residency problems ( Get fast PR from specific country),  parents problems, love triangles, all kind of negative powers, mantra siddhi, yantra siddhi, Kali maa siddhi, riddhis, delay in marriage, divorce problems, husband affairs, wife affairs, win lottery, health problems, destruction of enemy, Sautan problems, etc. Pt. SK Bhargava a holy spiritual man who can solve all kind of problems with in a short span.

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Remedies in astrology which can change your planets

This is the most mysterious and complicated part of Indian Astrology with earliest references coming from the Vedas, making the first literature available even before the first known text on Indian Astrology was discovered. The Astrological Remedies can Broadly be broken up in three parts :

Mantra – It is the recitation of a particular sound repeatedly to overcome the problems set forth by the planet which responds to that particular sound. The basis of mind in its objective and structural aspect is the power inherent in different combinations of sounds. How consciousness differentiates into different states of mind is an interesting question and is impossible to know in the real sense until we can raise our consciousness to the level where this differentiation takes place and the manner in which it is brought about. Each root word generates a sound that activates a different center in the human body that correlates to the particular planet. Each mantra is activated or Siddh by our Astro guru Pt. S K Bhargava, it will only work for you and you dont have to share mantra with anyone, as everykind is diffrent, every planets works diffrent for everyone, just believe in Mantra given to you by our Astro Guru, in a no time you will see results accordingly. Many families are happy and living joyful after solving there problems. Many couples are happy married after sharing their problems and getting remedies from Pt. S K Bhargava – Most of the calls come from countries such as – The United States, Canada, The Great Britain, India, Sri Lanka, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, UAE, Qatar, Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Australia even from China also, people from all around the globe who understands the power of Mantra, Astrology and Vashikaran. Why you worry about ? Just give a call and share your problem…

Tantra – At times when the Mantra does not work because of difficult malefic position of planets in a horoscope in that case Tantric sound patterns work like surgery and clears most of the hurdles, but before that Tantra should be siddh – its kind of a prayer or siddhi program for a specific mantra in which special rituals and task applied while enchanting that Mantra, which will transfer to you and it will perform as a specific task for you. That specific Mantra is able to perform various tasks just like magic! 

Yantra – This is a Mystic diagram often put up as a plaque. Some Yantra are a part of Tantra practice since Yantra is one of the cardinal principles of Tantra. This practice is followed when a particular remedy has to be practiced over a long period of time and the querist is unable to perform other remedial measures due to ill-health, lack of time or distance. This is vast and accurate technique for achievers – who need something from this Life by hook or crook – Yantra is the most powerful technique for gaining something. Call once and share your problem, if you need Yantra siddhi Pt. S K Bhargava will provide you all sort of knowledge about these siddhis.