Birth Time Rectification

Birth time is an important aspect to make your Zodiac. Without actual time of birth, even an brilliant astrologer cannot predict future of any individual. Though, if you do not know or in confusion about your actual birth time, there is no need to fear. Because Vedic Zodiac provides the techniques to perfectly determine the accurate time of birth. There are many of techniques recommended by Native Indian sages like Sage Kalidasa and excellent Varahamihira. KP system also has a unique strategy to discover out your actual birth time.

KP system For Birth Time

KP system is an excellent Paddhati of zodiac estimations created and created by The Great Native indian Astrology master late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti. It gives significance to the Constellations / Stars / Nakshatras sections of the astrology which is obviously the most preferred for perfection. This system extremely uses Ruling Planet’s technique which says that the planets at the time of wishes and fructifications are always same.

Birth Time by vedic astrologer

Vedic Zodiac has particular tools for working out a birth time by analyzing the past life or the events which occurred during life of a person. These specific events helps in rectifying actual time of birth that is Date of marriage / major relationship, date of birth of children, major purchases / acquisition, major illness, financial losses, status of parents: living or not, any significant event which changes life and the time band of the time of birth.

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