Maha Mrityu Njaya Patth mantra is the adoration of Lord Shiva and one of the more effective Sanskrit mantras. It is considered as the greatest curative mantra. If this mantra is chanted by using mala, ailments, disease and poor health may be healed. This mantra is also called Markandeya Mantra.

“Om tryambakkam yajamahey,
Urvaarokameva bandanaan
Mrityormooksheya maamritaat”

Mrityunjaya indicates Success over death. Maha indicates excellent. Maha Mrityunjaya Concept indicates “the excellent Concept of victory over death”. When Markandeya uttered the Mrityunjaya Concept, The almighty Shiva showed up through the Shivalinga and had away Yama, the God of death and endowed Markandeya to become the ever living expert of the Himalayas.

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