Numerology is the study of significance of numbers and the branch of the divine science i. e. Astrology. This is a complete mathematics, which is not very tough as the traditional or the western astrology. There are only nine numbers in Numerology and all other numbers are derived numbers. That is when you talk of the numbers then this means between 1 to 9, like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 only. All the numbers have their own significance.

Numerology is used to figure out a individuals personality, skills and abilities, strengths and talents, inner needs, psychological side effects and techniques of interacting with others. By this you can calculate all of the important happenings of the past, present or the future. You can know the general analysis of the personality or the character very easily. You can find out your lucky numbers, lucky days, lucky colors or lucky stones also.

Numerology can really help the human beings by showing him the actual path of the life, by informing him the good and bad events of the life, so that one could plan accordingly to have the better results or to prevent the accidents of the life or reduce the intensity of the problems. Numerology is really pretty easy; it’s just finding the right person that is the hard part!

Number based Astrology
Nothing is beyond the numbers. You your self will feel how the numbers play a huge role in ones life or marriage. Your essential happenings of the life happen automatically, as per you lucky or hostile statistics only. Numerology uses the combination of characters and numbers associated with your name and birth date to arrive at a final number. You can set the characters of your name, as per your birthday and can have peace, harmony and the better outcomes in the life, because all the characters of the alphabet have been given a numerological value.

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